Judge Alex - Lied to, to get on the show

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I filed for small claims court against an ex who owed me almost $4000.00 I had email with him agreeing he owed it and him trying to pay me back along with every excuse in the book, I was contacted by the show and told it was about justice not drama, not the case at all the judge put words in my exes mouth and seemed more concerned about our sexual relationship than the money owed. The judge would not even look at evidence I had.I was blindsided by this whole thing and I cannot believe the Judge found in favor of my ex saying that I actually gave him all this money?

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Judge Alex has inked a deal with the devil.

Convicted Criminal Ed Magedson has his boy Judge Alex on his web site.

Why in the *** would anyone want to watch a show by an X cop that associates with a known criminal enterprise?

Ed Magedson and Xcentric Ventures employed a fella named James P. Rogers, a convicted sex offender that was ordered by Ed Magedson to write op fake complaints and enter false information on his web site Ripoff Report.

If you are as outraged as I am, contact Time Warner at: dawn_bridges@timeinc.com



Let them know that Judge Alex is an *** clown for getting into bed with a criminal like Ed Magedson.

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